Driving Lessons

Picking a local driving lessons in Ellesmere Port (https://www.quailsdrive.co.uk/driving-lessons-ellesmere-port/) or driving lesson in Wirral (Quails) (for example) can be a real headache and we recommend you follow the link to Quail’s here above for an example of how to do it just right.

You need a competent and friendly instructor that will put you at ease during you time learning to drive. You also must ensure that you pass your theory test and practical driving test before you are able to legally and safely drive on the roads in the UK. This safety bit is really important because any muppet can learn to drive but only the good ones do it safely.

My dad used to say to me “you have to drive with your eyes in your ass” and he was right. He didn’t worry about me, he worried about all of the idiot drivers on the road and by the way my dad was a grade 6 driving instructor so he knew a thing or two when it came to driving and how to teach people how to drive.

Drive defensivly, drive as if you were about to have an accident and above all try to relax be confident without being an idiot. Look far ahead in the road and take action well in advance before any incident occurrs and you can really only do this if you are concentrating on the road and on what you and the other road users are doing.

It seems that most young drivers passing their test these days don’t care and can’t wait to see how many mate they can squeeze inside their car, how loud the stereo can go and how fast they can go without crashing in 30mph zones.

So with all of this nonsense in mind it’s worth saying again…learn to drive safely and with the right driving instructor and my recommendations for driving lessons in Ellesmere Port and Wirral are made above.

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