Glass Houses – All Year Round

They say people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones especially if you are the owner of a company such as who specialise in solid roof conservatories that you can use when it is hot or cold.

Breaking glass in a conservatory is a big deal, it’s not like just breaking a window which you can board up because it means that you literally cannot use the room until a solution is found. If the window is the room you face the additional issue of rain pouring in through the gap.

If you have decided to put a carpet in your additional living space then trying to get glass out of a carpet can be a nightmare and you may even find yourself having to use a local Liverpool carpet cleaning company to get the job properly, it’s not like cleaning an oven where the mess is out of sight.

Is a glass house scenario like life itself? If you find yourself in a situation that requires kid gloves to be worn then do not throw comments around if you are not prepared to stand by everything you say and do, this is a simple rule of life that a lot of people seem to forget.

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