Scrapper Blackwell & Tommy Johnson

These two names Scrapper Blackwell and Tommy Johnson are synonymous with blues and their name will go down in history for their achievements.

Tommy in particular was barely 18 years old when he released canned heat blues with his accompanying brother LeDell which was being playing hard in the jukes at the time. A fantastic sense of rhythm and timing and amazing vocal range were simply a wonder in their own right.

A traditionalist when it comes to structures and verses he also liked to experiment and this was of particular noteon Big Road Blues with Isham Bracey.

Scrapper Blackwell is arguably one of the most unrated and unsong hero’s the blues has ever seen or heard. He shared the spotlight with Leroy Carr and the pair are best known for their rapport and yet Scrapper still went on to make multiple solo records of his own.

The era of the 1920’s was arguably one of the most important times for the evolution of blues music and these two were being listened to by fans everywhere.


You can feel free to click the links at the top of the article where you will be able to find out more about these two marvelous musicians, we just wanted to set the ball rolling to introduce you to these these 2 figures from the past and to whet your appetite for early (or old school) blues music that still stands the test of time today.

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